About Us

The Cape and Islands Democratic Council is a Political Action Committee with the goal of providing a regional organization for promoting Democratic values across our twenty-three unique communities. By creating a forum for activists and volunteers, we maintain a strong foundation for recruiting and supporting local, regional, state-wide, and federal candidates. We seek to empower candidates, DTCs, and movements, providing resources and man-power that allows them to amplify their message.

Any Democrat on the Cape and Islands is welcome to be a member and to attend our general membership meetings. Our board consists of representatives from every corner of the Cape and Islands, as well as ex-officio members from the State Party and local electeds.

The goal of the CIDC is to be the voice of Democrats across the region.

The Board

President: Ed McManus

1st Barnstable VP: Katie Jacobus

2nd Barnstable VP: Debra Dagwan

3rd Barnstable VP: Amy Kullar

4th Barnstable VP: Beth Cummings

Barnstable/Dukes/Nantucket VP: Leon Brathwaite

Islands VP: Carla Cooper

Nantucket: Susan Cary

Treasurer: David Winther

Assistant Treasurer: Peggy McAloon

Recording Secretary: Amy Kullar

Corresponding Secretary: Diane Parvin

Membership Chair: Amy Sharpe

Social Media Chair: Dan Gessen

Webmaster: Mark Amares

Events Chair: Leon Brathwaite

Past President: Matt Brodeur

At Large: Kathy Ohman

At Large: Fran Scholfield

At Large: Mary Waygan

At Large: Holly MacKenzie

At Large: Susan Cameron

Contact Us

Get Involved Today!

The Cape and Islands Democratic Council is build on fostering grassroots efforts throughout the region. We exist thanks to the spirit and effort of volunteers that are willing to donate their time and effort to further the cause they believe in. Whether it leads to joining one of our meetings, making phone-calls, or knocking on doors, reach out and join our Cape-wide effort today!